World Natural Hair Show Weekend

As you all know, I’ve been natural for two years now (natural means that I don’t use relaxers to chemically straighten my hair and I embrace my natural curl)!

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I’ve followed a few natural hair girls on Instagram & YouTube (Melissa Chanel, My Natural Sistas & Mahogany Curls  just to name a few)  to watch tutorials and find out which products work best on my hair.

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I’ve heard several people talk about attending natural hair shows, so this past September, I attended on in Savannah, GA. You can read all about my experience in this blog post. On Sunday, I’ll be attending the one in Atlanta, GA. I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Since I’ll be gone all day, my usual Sunday post will go live on Monday instead. I’ll bring you all of the exclusives. I can’t wait to share this new experience with you!

Have any of you ever been to a hair show before? What was your experience?




Mixed Chick Hair Dictionary

Mixed Chick Hair Dictionary?   What is this you ask? Well, having curly hair puts you in a category all by yourself. Since becoming natural, I’ve had to learn several new terms myself. If you are raising “mixed chicks” or children of other ethnicities with curly hair, there are  a few terms you ought to become familiar with. Here’s my cheat sheet for you:

Co-washing: The use of conditioners to wash in lieu of shampoos. Shampoos can be drying, while conditioners moisturize. Shampoos also don’t do a great job of detangling.


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A Curly Girl’s Guide to Conditioners: My 5 Favorites

curly girl's guide to conditioners.jpg

Why conditioners and not shampoos you ask? Well, my fellow curly girls know that conditioners run out before shampoos because they are a staple. The right conditioner gives your curls life.

February 2016 was my 2 year anniversary of being natural AKA nappiversary. I think my natural journey has helped me understand the needs of curly hair,  hence the name of a previous post The Mixed Chick Hair Whisperer. You think I’m over exaggerating? If curly hair was a person, she’d be assertive, outspoken, fashionable and unpredictable.


Curly hair has a mind of it’s own. Good products, like conditioner can tame the beast.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have the coarsest, tightest, thickest texture of my girls. Melody has tight, springy curls and Daphne has loose wavy curls. Thankfully if a product doesn’t work for me, usually it works on one of them.


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Mixed Chick Hair Whisperer Part 2: Conditioning Your Curls

mixed chick hair whisperer pt 2

Before you jump into Mixed Chick Hair Whisperer Part II,  have you read Part I? If not, click here.

The one thing I’ve learned about curly hair is that it needs moisture. If curly hair was a superhero, then conditioner would be the sidekick. Finding a conditioner that works for your curls sometimes feels like finding a needle in a haystack. (For you non-southerners, southerners use lots of metaphors)

I’m giving you a list of some great conditioners. Ready???

bouncy curls.jpg

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Supermom Had A Birthday

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Happy Birthday to me! Today I turned 32 and I celebrated all week. I’m so glad I’m back to an even numbered age. Does anyone else prefer even numbers? My hubby sent me flowers. He bought me tiramisu & fruit tarts. He put the girls to  bed and let me rest. Can birthday week be every week of the year??!


I was most excited about the weekend. Friday I got my first blowout since I’ve been natural. For my non natural followers, that means that I have been rocking the curly look for two years. I haven’t used any chemicals to straighten my hair, or heat. Friday night, I paid a beautician to wash, trim, color, blow dry & flat iron my hair. I thought it looked pretty fabulous.


I made the mistake of stepping into the night air and going into Ulta after my blowout. I could see my hair growing and drinking the humidity. Friday night and all day Saturday,  I wrapped my hair in a scarf, but alas, my hair sweated out the blowout.


So, back to my curls I went. I was disappointed because I’d been planning my look for weeks. Justin reminded me that he thought I looked beautiful, and we had a date night without the kids. Sometimes we need someone to remind us not to sweat the small stuff (no pun intended). On the way out, the hostess told us how much she enjoys seeing us. She loves seeing couples that are different (interracial couples). My husband said that we see it as normal, but other people see it as a “thing.”

date night

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mixed chick hair whisperer

Mixed Chick Hair Whisperer

mixed chick conditioner

Now that I’m natural, I have a newfound confidence that I can’t explain. It’s kind of exciting that my hair enters the room before I do and incites conversations. Now that I have conquered the curls on my head, I have become the curly girl, with curly haired baby girls. I like to think of myself as the mixed chick hair whisperer. 

It has been trial and error figuring out what works in my hair, and so it made the journey with my girls a tad easier. Melody has the texture of white hair, but the maintenance of black hair. Since I’m a product junkie, I don’t feel so bad when a product from my Onyx box or Birchbox doesn’t work in my hair. I try it in her hair, and if it doesn’t work, then my friends get lucky when I pass products on to them. Right now my staples for her are Kinky Curly Knot Today Detangler and NuNaat Garlic Leave in conditioner. Her hair gets frizzy by the end of the day at PreK, so I like to use Cantu for Kids Curling Custard or Curly Kids Gel Moisturizer for some extra hold when I pull her hair up into a ponytail or just a simple wash and go. Here are a few tips to help when styling a biracial child’s hair:

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Madagascar, Tangled & Cobb Salad

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Remember my last post where I discussed my “mom” outfit? I was definitely not taking fashion advice from the hubby. Guess what? When I got ready to take a shower later that evening, I realized that my pants were inside out. #fail #inarush #oops #notthefirsttimethatshappened #nexttimeslowdown #hashtagsgettinglongerandlonger  #ithinkididbettertoday #thatsapeartreeinouryard


Was that hashtag overload? I hope not. I remember the first time I saw a series of hashtags. I thought it was a bit much. Now, I just think they’re fun. I love watching The Braxton Family Values because Tamar uses hashtag in everyday language. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out. It reminded me of why I always wanted a sister growing up.

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Are Those Your Kids: Introduction