Mother’s Day: An Open Letter to my Mother

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Cue the tears.


Now that I’m a mother of two, I appreciate my mother even more.

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5 Misconceptions I Believed About Motherhood Before I Became a Mother

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I was judgmental before I became a mom. There I said it. It’s a little liberating to admit that. In my Master’s program, I remember a classmate talking about how exasperated she was with her 2 year old. She was tired after a long day of  work, then her evening ended with homework and a non-cooperative two year old.Her toddler refused to stay in bed and she often vented to our group about her efforts.

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Me, being the naive 23 year old that I was, asked, why don’t you just tell her to get back in bed?


At the time I didn’t understand the daggers that she shot me, but since becoming a mom, I have more than eaten those words. Here are a few misconceptions that I had before having kids:

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Black & White: An Interview About Growing up Biracial

Good evening all! I’m so excited to share this interview with you. Since starting this blog in July, I’ve had a variety of people reach out to me through social media outlets. My biggest following to date  is on Instagram. I love interacting with other moms, especially those that understand the joys and trials of raising biracial children.

What does a school counselor and therapist have in common? Apparently a whole lot! Tiffany Coleman and I have never met, but talked for close to an hour about growing up biracial and all things race and raising kids. Let’s jump right to it…..

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Are Those Your Kids: Introduction