How to Be an Urban Farm Wife

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Good evening ya’ll! My new posts usually go live on Sunday nights, but we’ve had a bit of excitement lately. On Easter Sunday, one of our hogs gave birth to 11 little piglets!



I never thought I’d be so excited about pigs! My husband went to feed the hogs (we’ve got 2 and they were both pregnant) after church and discovered that one of them had given birth. After lunch with the family, the girls and I headed to the farm to meet the new little piglets.


This year has been exciting because my husband has stepped out and started his own business, Anthony’s Roots. He’ll be selling range free eggs, a variety of fruits and vegetables, and hogs.

I never in a million years thought I’d be married to a farmer. In fact, my coworkers and friends often say that I look nothing like a farmer’s wife, and am to prissy to be a farmer’s wife. Well I beg to differ! In fact, let me tell you how to be an urban farm wife.

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Supermom Had A Birthday

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Happy Birthday to me! Today I turned 32 and I celebrated all week. I’m so glad I’m back to an even numbered age. Does anyone else prefer even numbers? My hubby sent me flowers. He bought me tiramisu & fruit tarts. He put the girls to  bed and let me rest. Can birthday week be every week of the year??!


I was most excited about the weekend. Friday I got my first blowout since I’ve been natural. For my non natural followers, that means that I have been rocking the curly look for two years. I haven’t used any chemicals to straighten my hair, or heat. Friday night, I paid a beautician to wash, trim, color, blow dry & flat iron my hair. I thought it looked pretty fabulous.


I made the mistake of stepping into the night air and going into Ulta after my blowout. I could see my hair growing and drinking the humidity. Friday night and all day Saturday,  I wrapped my hair in a scarf, but alas, my hair sweated out the blowout.


So, back to my curls I went. I was disappointed because I’d been planning my look for weeks. Justin reminded me that he thought I looked beautiful, and we had a date night without the kids. Sometimes we need someone to remind us not to sweat the small stuff (no pun intended). On the way out, the hostess told us how much she enjoys seeing us. She loves seeing couples that are different (interracial couples). My husband said that we see it as normal, but other people see it as a “thing.”

date night

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The Curly Hair Journey/Struggle

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When I first cut my hair, I was really self-conscious. I had 2 inches of relaxed hair yet and I was tired of struggling with the two textures. After feeling empowered by YouTube videos and natural hair blogs, I did the big chop the weekend after my birthday. I was in utter shock and felt like my whole face was exposed-then I realized that perhaps I have been hiding behind my hair. Maybe that’s why India Arie wrote the song, I Am Not My Hair.

the big chop.jpg

I received shocked looks from many people, but several compliments from others. As my hair has grown, I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with it. Today I’m on the love end of the spectrum. For those of you with straight hair, let me explain. Curly hair has a mind of its own. For example, sometimes when I try to part my hair, the curls are coiled so tightly that they close the part. Or, I try a new hair product and my hair looks half afro-ish and the other side has defined curls. The struggle is definitely real! As I learn more about what my hair loves, I’m also feeling more confident about experimenting. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for different TWA (teeny weeny afro) cuts for quite some time now, and I found one that I love! Short in the back and on the sides, so now styling takes half the time!

teeny weeny afro

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