How to Meet the Needs of Your Biracial Child (at Home)

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According to Dr. Francis Wardle, the author of the Center for the Studies of Biracial Children, “A multicultural curriculum for young children should focus on affirmation and acknowledgement of everyone, making sure that every child and every family is represented in the classroom environment and in all curricular materials, and that there are lots and lots of opportunities for rich human contact between children and a vast variety of diverse, mature, and talented adults.”

As parents of biracial children, we can’t depend on society to teach them who they are, and how to appreciate themselves. It’s our job to teach them those things, as well as how to appreciate people who are different from them.


So how do you meet the needs of your biracial child if you only identify as one race? Can you truly meet their needs? I believe you can. Here’s how:

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How Growing Up In a Jamaican Family Has Influenced My Parenting

This week and next, I’ll be writing about how growing up in a Jamaican family has influenced me. This week, I’m focusing on parenting. Both of my parents were born and raised in Jamaica, but came to the states as adults. I never really thought about how my parents were different from others until they told me no about something that most other parents said yes to. My father was in the Air Force, so many of my friends had parents from different countries, which brought about their cultural norms.

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As an adult no longer surrounded by other military families, I have settled with my family in the south. Many people I encounter live close to family, and have for generations. This highlights the stark differences between my upbringing and theirs.

Here’s a few things I have noticed:

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Part 2: How Growing Up In a Jamaican Family Influnced My Marriage

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  1. I learned how to work hard. There’s a joke about Jamaicans working several jobs. It’s true! In college I had 3 jobs at once and there have been many times in my life that I’ve had 2 jobs. I’m no stranger to hard work. But I must say, that marriage (combined with parenting) trumps all the jobs I’ve ever had. However, working hard on my marriage (and parenthood) is the most fulfilling.
  2. I still love to sing. If you read my last post about being raised in a Jamaican household, you noticed that I said Jamaicans love to sing. We make up songs about everyday tasks in my house. Even brushing teeth turns into a Broadway musical event! My husband used to make fun of me for doing this. Now he makes up his own songs. The songs were more entertaining when they were at his expense instead of mine. I didn’t see that one coming.justin music.jpg

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