All about D…

Hello. I’m a woman raised by Jamaican parents (I like to call myself Jamerican) and I’m married to a white man. We obviously don’t have any issues with race, but unfortunately the world does. We are raising two beautiful, noisy, musical, energetic little girls. Most days I don’t have to think about the box(es) we check on any given application or government form, but race relations tend to slap us in the face.


That’s the reason I wrote this blog. When I became a mother, I searched for resources about raising biracial/multicultural children and found very little. And when I say little, I mean a miniscule amount. So, I decided to be that resource for other moms. Even if you don’t have biracial/multicultural children, I think you can still relate to my experiences as a mother. I’ve published a few articles on the Huffington Post. Click here to see what I’ve written.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed some days and forget why I wanted to become a mother in the first place. No one is supposed to say that, but it’s how we all feel. It’s an amazing journey that comes with no shortage of challenges. Throw in an interracial marriage, and that adds another kink in the wire.


Join me on this journey I call life as a mother. When you subscribe to my blog, every week you’ll hear how I attempt to balance it all. Oh, and did I mention that I have natural hair? That’s another journey in itself!

Has anyone ever asked you if those were your kids just because your skin color/eye color/hair color didn’t match? Share your photos on social media and the hashtag #arethoseyourkids. Feel free to tag me @rthoseyourkids on Twitter & @arethoseyourkids on Instagram.




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