Biracial Hair Care Reviews

This page is dedicated to reviews of products for biracial hair care. I will be reviewing shampoos and conditioners, gels and curl creams. The ratings are as follows:

All products are rated on a scale from 1 to 5. 1= wouldn’t use again 5=staple

WLC means the product works great on wavy, loose curls. TSC means the product works great on tight spiral curls.

Each shampoo/conditioner will be rated based on Slip, Detangle Ability & Moisturizing Ability.

Deva Curl No-Poo


Slip  5       Detangle Ability  5       Moisturizing Ability 5

There’s a reason why the natural world is raving about Deva curl products. This is a conditioning cleanser that works for both WLC & TSC. It left both of my daughters’ hair feeling clean, slick and moisturized.  This small bottle was $8.50. The larger bottle was closer to $30. I didn’t want to make that kind of investment unless I was sure it would work. We were very satisfied with the results!

Queen Helene Princess Curl Soft Twirls Shampoo/Conditioner


Slip  3      Detangle Ability  2      Moisturizing Ability 3

The products were purchased from TJMaxx. They were only $3.99 each. I was a little disappointed at the detangle ability. I prefer products that do it all instead of having to use multiple products. It seemed to work better for WLC than TSC.  I wasn’t that impressed with the shampoo, but the conditioner would be good for cowashing.

TRESemme’ Curl Hydration Conditioner


Slip  4      Detangle Ability  4      Moisturizing Ability 4

This big bottle was only $3.98. You could probably find it cheaper at your local Dollar General. This is a great conditioner for cowashing. I’ve personally used it myself and I have thicker coarser hair than my daughters. It has a nice fresh scent and makes your hair feel incredibly soft. This conditioner is great for all textures of curly hair.

Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner


Slip  3      Detangle Ability  2      Moisturizing Ability 4

This conditioner works great for cowashing and is super affordable. It was only $2 at Walmart. The main disappointment however is the detangle ability. It makes your hair feel soft and clean, but you have to work hard to get the tangles out.

Shea Moisture Curl Cleansing CoWash


Slip  5      Detangle Ability  5     Moisturizing Ability 5

At a whopping $20, this product is worth every penny. It’s from the Shea Moisture professional line. This product is a staple in my house because it works on all textures of curly hair and it detangles, cleanses and moisturizes all in one sweep. If you have to splurge on a product, this is the way to go. Shea Moisture never disappoints.

Mixed Chicks Leave in Conditioner

mixed chicks conditioner

Slip  5      Detangle Ability  5     Moisturizing Ability 5

I always shied away from this product because I found others in larger bottles for cheaper. But I must say, it changed my life the day I took the plunge ($19.99). Both of my daughters have different textures of hair, and it worked wonders on both of them. I must say, I like it better for the little one with WLC.  Oh, and on occasion, you can find this bottle cheaper at TJMaxx for $12.99.

Miss Jessie’s Leave-In Condish


Slip  2      Detangle Ability  2     Moisturizing Ability 2

I’ve heard so many naturals talk about Miss Jessie’s, so I had high hopes for this product. I was less than enthused. It smelled like soap and didn’t do much as far as bringing life into my dauther’s curls. I’ll be honest, I only tried it on myself and my daughter with TSC, so I didn’t even attempt it on my daughter with WLC.

NuuNAAT Garlic magic leave in conditioner


Slip  4      Detangle Ability  4     Moisturizing Ability 5

I’ll be honest, I never heard of this brand until I subscribed to OnyxBox. This came with a deep conditioner. I adore this product! Honestly it works best when used with the deep conditioner, but it yields amazing results on its own as well.

Slip  4      Detangle Ability  4     Moisturizing Ability 5

Cantu care For Kids: Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner


Slip  3      Detangle Ability  2     Moisturizing Ability 3

Some brands work best using their products together, and the Cantu care for kids line is just like that. I must admit that I was disappointed because I am a huge fan of Cantu products. Personally, I would stick with the regular line rather than get the specialty one for kids. The shampoo makes the girls hair feel and smell clean, but it didn’t make my life any easier when it was time to detangle. If anything, I would use the conditioner alone to co-wash and leave out the shampoo.

Cantu care For Kids: Styling Custard


As you can see, I’ve used quite a bit of this product. It falls under the gel category. I bought it to keep the frizzy fly-a ways at bay. I was tired of my baby girl looking like a comb hadn’t touched her head when I picked her up from school everyday. I love the feel of this product, it isn’t sticky and has a good hold. However, she still had several fly-a ways at the end of the day.


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