Mother’s Day: An Open Letter to my Mother

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Cue the tears.


Now that I’m a mother of two, I appreciate my mother even more.

Dear Mom:

Mother’s Day is a day set aside to love, honor and appreciate your mom. I hope you know everyday, not just today, how much I adore you. As a child, I remember you singing You are my sunshine” to me. You always called me pumpkin. I remember when you went back to school and I attended college classes with you. I had a grocery bag filled with crayons and a coloring books. I remember the evil eye you gave me when I rustled the bag too much. You didn’t know that you were teaching me to value education.


You were a stay at home mom. Dinner was always ready around 4:00 pm when I got off the bus. Sometimes I could smell it before I got home, and the neighborhood kids were jealous. Did you know how comforting that was?

You made me mad the day you told me that if I wanted a specific outfit, I had to wash it myself because you weren’t on that color yet. How could you make your own child do her laundry? And when I would rather talk on the phone or watch tv, you made me hand you ingredients in the kitchen. Little did I know, you were sowing seeds of independance.


And every Sunday, without fail, we were in church. Sunday nights, Wednesday night, Vacation Bible School, revival, you name it. You made me help with VBS and go on Youth trips. I watched you have your quiet time in the mornings and you prayed with me over heartbreak. You were teaching me to depend on God.

Thanksgiving 07 (14).JPG

When I became a mother, you were right there to make sure I ate and rested. You told me how proud you were of me. You slept in the hospital room so Justin could rest at home. You woke me up a few times with your snoring, but your presence meant more to me that you know. You showed me that you are never too old to need your mother.




As a working mom, I appreciate those moments even more. I bought cookie cutters so I could make sandwiches in different shapes just like you did. I sing and dance with my children and take them shopping. Now I understand why you yelled sometimes. I also understand why you needed your quiet time in the morning.


Watching you with my girls brings me a joy I can’t explain. It’s almost like having my childhood back. I always wanted a sister, but God saw fit to give me brothers, but answered my prayers in another way when he gave me daughters. I look forward to having a bond with them like we have.

Jason Hurst Photography-1.jpg

Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for holding my hand. Thank you for making me a priority. Thank you for your sacrifice. That hasn’t gone unnoticed. I hope that I can be half the mother you are.






2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day: An Open Letter to my Mother

  1. Diana Brown says:

    I am speechless. Thank you daughter for making it easy to be a mom. You are more than I ever wanted and I am proud to watch you be a godly wife, mama and friend to so many. God blessed the day He have you to me.

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