World Natural Hair Show Weekend

As you all know, I’ve been natural for two years now (natural means that I don’t use relaxers to chemically straighten my hair and I embrace my natural curl)!

Jason Hurst Photography-17.jpg

I’ve followed a few natural hair girls on Instagram & YouTube (Melissa Chanel, My Natural Sistas & Mahogany Curls  just to name a few)  to watch tutorials and find out which products work best on my hair.

Jason Hurst Photography-9-1.jpg

I’ve heard several people talk about attending natural hair shows, so this past September, I attended on in Savannah, GA. You can read all about my experience in this blog post. On Sunday, I’ll be attending the one in Atlanta, GA. I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Since I’ll be gone all day, my usual Sunday post will go live on Monday instead. I’ll bring you all of the exclusives. I can’t wait to share this new experience with you!

Have any of you ever been to a hair show before? What was your experience?




2 thoughts on “World Natural Hair Show Weekend

  1. Amanda Love says:

    I’ve never been to a hair show but I’ll be in Atlanta on Sunday and maybe I might be able to go. It would be awesome to attend. I’ll have to find out all the details and see if I can make it. After all I’ve been natural for the past 2 years myself after doing the big chop so will be good to get a few tips myself.

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