20 Toddler Friendly Spring Break Activities

20 toddler friendly.jpg

Good evening! Many of you are counting down until spring break to have some extra time with the kids, or go on a much needed family vacation. As an educator, the closer it gets to spring break, the more it feels like a permanent full moon (other educators know what I’m talking about). We start to feel the itch as much as the kids do.

This week the girls and I have done a little of everything while daddy has worked hard on the farm (no spring break for him). I’ve composed a list to help you recharge, and enjoy the break with your little ones.

  1. Have fun with play dough. I know this is iffy for many parents (I used to be one of those parents). We just have a rule that it must stay away from the carpet and can only be used on their Little Tikes picnic table.
  2. Take a trip to the zoo.
  3. Take a trip to the movies.
  4. Bubbles. This is one of our all time favorite activities. Sometimes I get tired of blowing, so I invested in a bubble machine. I also bought small handheld bubble blowers to ease frustration when they couldn’t blow themselves.
  5. Take a trip to the park. If you need some exercise, the kids can play and you can chase them. Win, win!
  6. Visit a local farm. Lucky for us, my husband now works on one.
  7. Schedule a play date with friends. This one is a little trickier for us. I work in a different county 40 minutes away, so all of Melody’s friends require a commute for a play date.
  8. Teach them Zumba. Or Yoga. This week, this happened by default. I decided to get my tail in gear, so I started doing workouts again. Later that evening, Daphne was showing her daddy downward facing dog! The girls started asking me when we could exercise again. Yeah for little accountability partners!\
  9. Go to the library for story time.
  10. Sign up for swimming lessons.
  11. Watch Baby Einstein and learn some sign language. Both of my daughters watched the (free) videos on YouTube when they were babies. Daphne will still sign and say words on occasion.
  12. Finger paint. Okay, another messy activity. But the great thing about washable paint is that no matter where they make the mess, it will wash off. I promise.
  13. Bake cookies. You do the baking, they can help mix and lay on the cookie sheet.
  14. Help you plant/water a garden. I don’t have a green thumb at all, but my husband does. The girls love taking their mini watering cans and helping him water the plants.
  15. Draw with sidewalk chalk. This is another one of our favorite year-round activities. It’s a great way for me to reinforce numbers, letters and shapes.
  16. Go out for ice-cream (or frozen yogurt for a healthier option). Check out your local shops and see who offers free ice-cream for little ones.
  17. Have a movie marathon at home. My girls love anything Mickey or Minnie Mouse right now. They could watch the same few movies over and over at home and be perfectly happy.
  18. Play with a water table. Depending where in the country you live, this may not be feasible just yet. Here in the south, some afternoons feel like the summer, so water play is perfectly acceptable.
  19. Visit Grandma.
  20. Hire a baby sitter and have some quiet mom time. Kids love to play with the babysitter, and mom always needs some quiet time!
















What other activities do you like to do with your family during Spring Break? Find me on social media and tell me all about it (#arethoseyourkids)!



2 thoughts on “20 Toddler Friendly Spring Break Activities

    • dacounsel says:

      I hope she feels better soon! I tried to list activities that weren’t extremely costly. The aquarium is a fabulous suggestion. I haven’t taken my daughters there yet. It’s on the list.


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