How to Calm the Christmas Crazy


Christmas is my favorite time of the year. The lights. The food. Two weeks off from work. Christmas pajamas. More time with family. Christmas carols. The nativity scene. Watching the kids rip open their presents.

What I don’t love is what it does to my kids after Christmas is over. The late nights with family mean too much sugar, and not enough sleep. What do you do after you’ve eaten too much and your kids are way too stimulated? I’m so glad you asked!

  1. Only adjust bedtime by an hour. Try to ease your kids back into a regular routine before they go back to school, or you go back to work. You will thank me for this later.
  2. Keep sugar in moderation. So you’ve got tons that leftover cake and cookies? Don’t use your kids as a garbage disposal. You will regret it later.

keep sugar in moderation.jpg

3. If you’ve little ones and they haven’t opened all their gifts, pack away the toys they were uninterested in. Reintroduce them for Easter, birthday or even next Christmas. They will also come in handy for re-gifting at last minute birthday parties.

4. Go outside for some fresh air. Fresh air is overrated you say? Take a break from the phones and tablets to enjoy God’s creations.

get outside.jpg

I hope these tips help you ease back into a regular, pre-holiday routine. How do you calm the Christmas crazy in your house?


28 thoughts on “How to Calm the Christmas Crazy

  1. Kiersten Millican says:

    I definitely agree with the bedtime suggestion. When I was younger, I was notorious for not wanting to go to sleep and it made going back to school so much harder. I really love the suggestion about packing away the toys they weren’t interested in yet. Sometimes kids are just too overwhelmed and can’t process all of the toys at once!

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  2. Kaylene says:

    Controlling the intake of sugar is a huge one! My family thinks I’m absolutely crazy for limiting how many cookies and candies my boys can have, but it saves our sanity!


  3. beccadorr says:

    Christmas Crazy is a real thing! There’s SO much going on, and yes, the sugar. It reminds me of when I worked after school daycare — November 1st was my LEAST favorite day of the year, haha!


  4. Eileen xo says:

    I love your ideas! Your family is lovely! I especially like the idea of toys the children aren’t interested in, reintroducing at a later date! A fun time of year but it can be crazy!


  5. kwpierson says:

    We should have read these tips because my family got way out of routine over the holidays. We were okay with the sugar but the sleep schedule went out the window. My family isn’t big on going to sleep most nights anyhow though.

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