I’m Thankful For…

I love the 30 days of thankfulness challenge, so I decided to put it all in one post. Every month that goes by, I say to myself, “wow that went by fast.” November is no exception.

30 days of thankfulness.jpg

My list is in no particular order. Here it is:

  1. Health. My youngest seems to be sick half of every month. She is normally a happy go lucky child, so sickness turns her into a pitiful, whiny thing. It makes me appreciate her health even more.
  2. Getting along with my mother in law. Before I got married, I heard so many stories about how mother in law’s were from the devil. Mine gave me foot massages while pregnant and helps with the laundry. Oh, and last week on Daphne’s birthday, she was infuriated that every greeting card with a princess was blonde with blue eyes, or in the rare occasion black. There were no other options for her grand-baby. Proud moment for me.
  3. My hubby. My knight in shining armor, my confidant, my lover, my friend.
  4. My mom, my other best friend. We talk almost daily. I live for her wisdom.
  5. My childhood friends. I’m a pretty social person, so I love meeting new people. The older I get, the more I realize that you just won’t ever meet people like the ones you grew up with. They know all your secrets and still love you.
  6. A reliable vehicle. I’ve had a car to break down on me in the height of the southern summer, while I was 9 months pregnant. Glad I’m not in that place anymore.
  7. My smart TV. I’m late to the smart TV game, but now I’m wondering why I didn’t have one sooner!
  8. My job. I’ve wanted to be a school counselor for as long as I remember. I still love my job!
  9. My brothers. The older we get, the closer we become.
  10. Technology. Keeps me connected with my childhood friends, since most of them are miles away.
  11. Shopping. My favorite hobby.
  12. Traveling. I have been a few places, but there are so many more places I’d like to go!
  13. Glasses. I’m pretty blind.
  14. Clinical Strength Deodorant. I’m a heavy sweater. Thankfully, no one has to know.
  15. Wine. I love a glass of Moscato every now and then.
  16. Natural hair. I love the confidence it has given me. Curly hair is so versatile!
  17. Mixed Like Me, Big Hair, Don’t Care.  And all the other books of its kind. It helps me explain the tricky stuff to my kids
  18. Farmers. Now that my husband is venturing into a new career field, I’m thankful that someone grows the food we eat, and cares how its produced.
  19. The curly girl section of Walmart and Target.
  20. DevaCurl. They’ve sent me free products! They work better in my daughter’s hair than mine.
  21. Baby Alive Dolls. Their “Hispanic” doll looks like my daughters, so they actually don’t have to choose between a white or black doll!
  22. Fertility. I sympathize with women who struggle to conceive. I never want to take that for granted.
  23. My relationship with Jesus Christ. More of him, and less of me. Because of him, I am made free.
  24. My girls. I always wanted a sister growing up, but instead I was given daughters.
  25. Safety of travel. I travel 80 miles a day for work. I’ve only been in 1 car accident in 6 years of commuting.
  26. New friends. I’ve made several new close friends through work, church or school. I’m thankful for the new ones, as sometimes old friendships evolve and disappear.
  27. Blogging. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and blogging allows me to write about my what I’m passionate about.
  28. My followers. Without you, I would have no one to share my passions with. You inspire me to write good content.
  29. Heat/AC. When it’s cold, I am warm. When it’s hot, I don’t go outside!
  30. Last, but not least forgiveness. I’ve struggled with it over the years, but I’m reminded that if I can’t forgive others, why should they forgive me? True healing comes when you forgive.


What are you thankful for?

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