How to Kick the Chaos

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Life has been pretty chaotic lately. Working outside of the home and commuting daily presents itself with no shortage of challenges. I actually feel wiser the older I get (good thing because I have a birthday this week!!). I want to share a few tips I’ve learned that help me kick the chaos:

  1. Have a nightly bedtime routine (and stick to it!). I’m a stickler for routine and so are my kids. I don’t get bent out of shape if bedtime isn’t the exact same every night, but we have a goal that we shoot for. I do bath, my husband  brushes their teeth, and we swap off story time and prayer time. Find what works for you and keep your kids on a schedule.

IMG_42622.  Worry less, pray more. We worry about our kids. And our spouse. And our jobs. But worry gets us no where. Prayer changes things, and worry changes nothing.

3.  Set aside time for your family. Do something small-go the park and run around. Have movie nights.



4.  Plan age appropriate structured activities for your kids. The dollar bins at Target have great finds. Instead of them running around the house yelling and fighting, have them practice reading, writing or artistic abilities. It will buy you a few moments of quiet time!


5. Prepare for the next day the night before. Simple things like packing your lunch and picking out your clothes the night before can save as much as 15 minutes in the morning. If you have young children, pack their diaper bags and book bags the night before as well.

6. Make a family budget. One of the most common things that couples argue about is finances. If you get on the same page about how you want to spend and save money, it will alleviate a lot of stress.

7.  Eat dinner together. Take this opportunity to talk about your day.

8.  Put your phone down. Our society is always connected with someone or something in the digital world. Take some time and appreciate those around you-give them your undivided attention and put your phone/device down!

9.  Take some time to rest. I’m a busy-body, and I’ve been known to work myself to death. If I’m run down, I can’t be the best mom/wife/sister/daughter/employee that I can be.

10.  Exercise. I’m not talking about hours at the gym. If all you can do is 30 minutes a day, try to squeeze in some form of physical activity. Your body will thank you. We like to take the girls to the park. Chasing them around is plenty of exercise!


I hope these tips were helpful to you. Some days are better than others for me. What helps you kick the chaos in your home?


11 thoughts on “How to Kick the Chaos

  1. Colleen Berge says:

    What an excellent list of tips. I can see how implementing some of these would mean such smoother days…I especially like points about eating together, worrying less and praying more (such a struggle!!) :), and finding structured activities for the children! Thanks for posting!!:)

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