PreK and the Sniffles

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This week was a tough one.  2 Open Houses, working late, the first day of school and getting sick. I really miss snuggling off and on all day with my girls, but I actually like my job, so it isn’t the worst thing that could happen. Last weekend, I went to visit my mom. We went to her school’s open house. If I haven’t mentioned it before, my mom is a first grade teacher. My mother in law is a retired kindergarten teacher. You may see several education references in my future blogs.


My mom’s Open House was a blast! It was like a carnival for kids. The girls indulged themselves in bubbles, snow cones and popcorn. The bubble station was by far their favorite. It was hot as Hades, so I sat back and watched them play. I couldn’t help but admire all the other interracial couples and biracial kids. Her school is located near to the Air Force Base. It made me smile. Of course at this point my girls could care less, but one day they will notice.


I had a diverse group of friends growing up and loved it!


In fact, my first best friend (we were even pregnant at the same time and we didn’t plan it) is white. I never really considered the fact that she was white until others brought it up. I remember a classmate in 3rd grade calling me a wigger because I had white and black friends. I guess I wasn’t black enough for her. My mom told me not to worry about her-she looked hurt that someone would say that to me. I guess she felt a piece of my innocence being chipped away.

DSC03750Anywho-back to this week. Open House was great! I saw several of my old students who are now in high school. The next morning, I woke up with a sore throat, stuff nose and sinus headache. Kids are so germy! This sets a record. I’ve never gotten sick on the first day of school before. Thankfully we started on a Thursday, so I have the weekend to recover. The girls snuggled on the couch with me yesterday despite my husband trying to coax and pull them away from me.

IMG_7858 IMG_7859

They squealed in protest at his last attempt to save me, but I told him they could stay there. (This is not a flattering picture of me, but I wanted you to get the point)


Melody started PreK like a boss. No tears from me nor her. She walked right into her classroom and introduced herself to the teacher. She slept on our commute home. I guess PreK is exhausting. I thought I’d be emotional, but I wasn’t. I saw her apprehension and silent curiosity. Her tenacity for learning and life is truly infectious. I’m surprised I made it to work on time and was able to focus all day. I’ve been lucky that past few years that my husband gets the girls going in the morning because I leave before they wake.


The older I get, the faster time flies. I’m excited for the future, but trying to enjoy every second of their lives at this stage. Even on the most difficult days, I realize that I am truly blessed.

Seasoned Mamas, how did you deal with the transition of your toddler attending school for the first time? What worked for you?




5 thoughts on “PreK and the Sniffles

  1. Kim says:

    Melody started Pre-K!! Yay! I told James I’m taking the week off when Jaas starts. Partly, to visit a therapist, a spiritual healer, and a Krav Maga expert just in case I encounter some unruly kids/parents/teachers. I hope he handles it like she did, and I handle it like you 🙂


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