Sisters or Frenemies?

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Friday marked a week that I’ve been back at work. It seems as if every summer goes by faster and faster. I’m a routine kinda gal, so I actually didn’t mind terribly going back to work. Being upset about it only delays the inevitable. Well, I say that now, but I’ll be singing a different tune around Labor Day. I guess I’m lucky that I enjoy what I do. It’s tough some days, but I really can’t complain. The hardest part is getting used to losing 2 hours a day commuting again. When I pick up the girls in the afternoon, Daphne decides she wants to get a late nap in. Thankfully she will go right back to bed after delaying bedtime an hour or so, but that means I don’t get much time with her. One night this past week, I decided to rock her in the recliner instead of putting her down quickly like I usually do. In that moment, I looked down at her and basked in her in sweetness. I realized that I miss all those mid-day cuddle sessions. In that moment, I wished I was a stay at home mom.


Other than late naps, and crying fits about not leaving Grandma’s house, the girls have adjusted fine to me being  back at work. My husband called one day around lunch to check on them and see if they were getting along. My mother in law said, like dogs and cats. My dad calls them frenemies. One minute they’re feeding each other, cuddling and making each other laugh, and the very next there’s hair pulling, squealing, hitting, tackling,  you name it.  I guess I was naïve to think that the fussing and fighting would start when they got older. WRONG! I’m the oldest of four kids, and the age difference between my brother behind me is 7 years, then 8, then 12. I was the princess, so I really didn’t have anyone to fight with.



Before I wrap up this post, I have to share a story with you. I was putting away some laundry in Melody’s room when I saw a black spider in one of her toy organizers. I don’t do bugs, so I thought the easiest way to send the spider to his eternal demise was to knock him into the toilet. Unfortunately, the dividers in the plastic container broke off and fell into the toilet. Now I had to fish out plastic pieces out of the toilet while the spider tried to climb out. I just stood there staring into the toilet for a minute or so wondering why this happened to me. Do you ever have moments like that?


After the spider debacle, I got the girls ready for bed. Melody whined about wanting to see Grandma, and my nerves were shot for the day. It used to bother me that my child cried to stay at Grandma’s even though she hadn’t seen me all day. Now I just know that toddlers are fickle. They love the one their with-especially the one that doesn’t fuss as much. My husband’s feelings were hurt because we were at my mom’s this weekend and as soon as she came in the door, she cried for Grandma and didn’t give him a second thought. THANK GOODNESS FOR BEDTIME!! Am I alone in this thought??





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