Madagascar, Tangled & Cobb Salad

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Remember my last post where I discussed my “mom” outfit? I was definitely not taking fashion advice from the hubby. Guess what? When I got ready to take a shower later that evening, I realized that my pants were inside out. #fail #inarush #oops #notthefirsttimethatshappened #nexttimeslowdown #hashtagsgettinglongerandlonger  #ithinkididbettertoday #thatsapeartreeinouryard


Was that hashtag overload? I hope not. I remember the first time I saw a series of hashtags. I thought it was a bit much. Now, I just think they’re fun. I love watching The Braxton Family Values because Tamar uses hashtag in everyday language. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out. It reminded me of why I always wanted a sister growing up.

braxton promo pic

We had quite the eventful 4th. We went to a kiddie birthday and the girls had a blast in the kiddie pool. I think I gave one of the parents a heart attack because she has the same name as Melody. Every time Melody would do something, I would yell out things like, “Melody, watch out for your sister. Melody, you have to save some water balloons for other people. Melody please share with your sister.” I would see the mom cringe every time. Poor thing. She probably hasn’t heard her name spoken like that in a very long time. After we got home from the party, I packed up all the necessities for watching fireworks in the park. My husband thought I was bringing too much and was not in the mood to haul, but he quickly found out that too much is never enough with kids. You have to be prepared for the unexpected. The girls had a great time-it was their first time because they’re usually asleep by the time fireworks begin. That’s one of the fun things about watching your kids grow up. You get to experience all of your favorite childhood memories all over again. Or, if a particular event wasn’t memorable, you can change that for your children. Melody decided that she would not be outdone by fireworks. As they popped and crackled in the sky, she began to sing her own renditions of various songs. I saw a family seated in bleachers in front of us look back occasionally with a scowl. I guess they didn’t want to be serenaded.


As far as grilled food was concerned, we saved all that for the 5th at my Mother in Law’s house. We swam in the pool, ate, napped and all the fun stuff you are supposed to enjoy on the holidays. We also had a great conversation about my first post. She said that some people feel uncomfortable talking about certain race related topics (ie biracial kids, natural hair, etc)  and say things that are offensive, but don’t quite mean to. They just don’t know how to broach the subject. I’ve thought more about our conversation. Maybe there’s some truth to that for some people. So I came up with a short list of do’s and don’ts:

If you don’t know where a person is from and detect an accent, say just that. I detect an accent, where are you from? This is not offensive. In fact, I heard this question asked of my parents a lot growing up.

Do not assume that someone is not American because they don’t have blonde hair, blue eyes, are Asian or Hispanic, or don’t look “all black.” America is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities. That’s the beauty in being American, we don’t have one look.

If you like someone’s hair and it’s different from your own, it’s perfectly acceptable to give a compliment like,  I like your hair. It’s not acceptable to tell them you like their hair the way they had it before-especially if they are natural. I know I felt self-conscious when I first did the big chop and I had several people tell me they liked it better the other way I had it. Sorry, the other way is gone now!

Ok, that list was short but sweet. I may revisit this again in another post.

So why the title Madagascar, Tangled & Cobb Salad? I thought you’d never ask. My daughters have been fighting a summer cold for a week. Today one of them had a fever.  She looked so pitiful with red cheeks, pouty lips and whiney voice. I popped in the Disney movie Tangled, then Madagascar. Most people love their mom’s homemade chicken soup when they’re sick, but my picky child prefers Campbell’s. I ran to the store to pick up the cold essentials & the soup. On the way home, I started to get a headache and realized I hadn’t eaten. By this time it was 8 and the last time I ate was around noon. When I got back home my child was dancing around singing while the other one was napping. I guess her dose of Advil from earlier worked. I made a decision to not be annoyed about buying the canned soup and rushing through the store. To put me in a better mood, I decided to make up for all the (yummy) holiday food I had eaten the day before and make a cobb salad. It was quite tasty.


 I think  I may have to start eating like this more often. I think I’ve eaten more this summer than in the past. I’m not sure why. I didn’t pick education as a career to have summers off, but it sure has been nice. School starts again soon. I saw a meme this week about teachers panicking about back to school stuff. I can’t believe it’s flying by so quickly. I’m enjoying every last second…




10 thoughts on “Madagascar, Tangled & Cobb Salad

  1. bohemianbabushka says:

    Your summer sounds like you’re enjoying it. Family get togethers and happy memories- and good food. Si, THAT’s a good summer. BB2U


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